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In light of the current chaotic political situations and confused views about political reform and human development in the Middle East region, I reasoned that I should recommence writing without censorship my free opinion on civil liberties and human rights issues

The other rationale behind creating this weblog is to put forward my observations and forthright assessments of so many alleged international and regional reform agendas and socioeconomic development processes.

Anyhow, since you are here, you probably tend to know who is Mohammad S. Moussalli. In reverse chronological order, I am a management consultant of a privately-held corporation. I design and give advice on corporate formation and systemization plans, business strategy, restructuring and reorganization matters.

 I am an independent writer. Besides posting my articles and commentaries on this weblog, I also publish on other respected web-based mediums, like the “Arabian Gazette”, for instance.

A few years back, I was managing director of a leading multinational general trading and contracting group-company based in Kuwait. Prior to that, I was senior executive director of two well-known reinsurance and automotive business companies in Lebanon.

Simultaneously with those top-level jobs, I was commentary writer for a renowned Lebanese English newspaper. I authored a series of noted socioeconomic and sociopolitical op-eds, and a number of featured articles for reputable English magazines (for more details, see Earlier Publication)

Eighteen years ago, I was an airline professional with long years of successful supervisory and managerial positions, most of which were in the operations and in-flight service departments of a leading regional airline. I was a member of the official “Lebanese civil aviation legislation review committee” with in-depth expertise in civil aviation laws, regulations, and aircrew operations.

I hope that my posted articles will impart realistic liberal views and true-to-life notions to all readers.

Mohammad S. Moussalli


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